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WHAT YOU WILL FIND: You will find that our web site is dedicated totally to those on a low sodium diet. A person may be on a low sodium diet by choice but often that is not the case. Usually a person is told to restrict the sodium in their diet due to a heart condition such as Congestive Heart Failure (CHF). Not only do we want to provide recipes where the salt has been removed or greatly reduced for these individuals, we want to be a source for useful links and information on Low Sodium diets. It is good to be on a low sodium diet, low salt diet even if you do not have a heart condition requiring you to reduce your sodium!

You will find some helpful Low Sodium Guidlines at these usefull links..

You will find our database of CHF and Heart Failure support groups, useful articles and nutritional value areas a great help in your salt reduced diet. At present we are setting up our Low Sodium Supply Store and our user contributed recipe section. Please bookmark us and stop back frequently!

All of our picture are of the actual item too!

Also you will see some dishes you thought that you would never be able to have again in our Old World Recipe section, like Stuffed Cabbages, Focaccia Bread with Fresh Rye Bread. Try our low-sodium Holiday Recipes anytime of the year!

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You will find possibly the largest selection of low sodium products available on the internet right here in our Low Sodium Store. All of them shipped right to your door! You will find, soups, dressings, baking needs, entrees, snacks and much, much more. So check us out, here!

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